Our Hay

H&S Farms Premium Horse Quality Hay

Being in the Southeast (specifically, Southeast Georgia), we focus on a variety of bermudagrasses and perennial peanut. We concentrate our efforts on producing the highest quality bermudagrass hay that we can through an intensive herbicide application and fertilization process. Our fields are nutrient tested each year and fertilized in the Spring before the first harvest and again after each harvest. As perennial peanuts requires little fertilization (they're a legume, and thusly are nitrogen fixing), we ensure that those fields are as clean as possible through broadcast spraying for invasive grasses and broadleaf weeds. Extra care is taken by spot spraying more persistent weeds and even manual removal of these weeds. We truly try our best to provide your with the highest quality hay that we can.

Our Varieties of Hay

Tifton 85 Bermudagrass

Often called Tift85, this is a relatively high protein bermudagrass hybrid from the USDA program in Tifton, GA. A highly digestible hybrid, Tift85 features larger stems and broader leaves than other varieties of bermudagrass. A very aggressive growing hay, Tift85 is best when harvested at 25-30 days and can yield some of the highest protein in the bermudagrass family. This hay will often be the coarsest we offer and one that we can count on for at least 5-6 cuttings a year.

Alicia Bermudagrass

Alicia is a bermudagrass variety from Africa that has performed well in our climate. Thriving with rainfall, Alicia is very drought tolerant and will produce beautiful hay when harvested. While not as digestible as Tift85, Alicia is more forgiving, allowing us to harvest in a wider window of time with no appreciable loss in quality or appearance. This is the finest hay we offer as Alicia has very thin stems and narrow leaves.

Russell Bermudagrass

Created as a joint venture between Auburn University and LSU, Russell is a very versatile grass that falls nicely between Alicia and Tift85 in terms of quality and coarseness. A very winter hardy bermudagrass, Russell is often the first cutting we get and one of the last. Due to it's well balanced nature, we often choose to use Russell for our round bale production. However, we do bale a couple thousand squares of it a year for clients who prefer it.

Perennial Peanut

The crown jewel of our hay portfolio, Perennial Peanut is often called the "Alfalfa of the South", and rightfully so. Perennial Peanut can yield protein levels equal to Alfalfa and oftens keeps better with less leaf loss than Alfalfa. Due to it's slow growing nature, we are usually held to only 2-3 cuttings a year, so supply is often limited on Perennial Peanut hay. You won't find a better source of high protein and well balanced minerals natively grown in the Southeat than this stuff. We encourage you to try some and see if it's right for your horse's diet. We're confident you won't be disappointed.

Pricing & Delivery

H&S Farms Premium Horse Quality Hay

Below, we'll outline some of our prices on hay and our delivery fees. As always, things vary and it's best to get a personal quote for your particular order. We often waive delivery charges based on location and size of order. Additionally, discounts apply on bulk orders of hay, so feel free to inquire about a trailer load or custom load.

Hay Prices

Type Description Price
Square Bale Bermudagrass Hay (Alicia, Russell or Tift85) $6.00 a bale
Square Bale Perennial Peanut Hay $9.00 a bale
Round Bale Bermudagrass Hay (Russell or Tift85) $60.00 a bale

Delivery Prices

Type Description Price
Square Bales 0-20 miles one direction FREE
Square Bales 21-50 miles one direction $0.50 a bale
Square Bales 51-100 miles one direction $0.75 a bale
Square Bales Over 100 miles one direction $1.00 a bale
Round Bales 0-20 miles one direction FREE
Round Bales 21-50 miles one direction $5.00 a bale
Round Bales Over 50 miles one direction $10.00 a bale

About Us

H&S Farms Premium Horse Quality Hay

Taking over the hay farm from our Father (Mike), H&S Farms is a medium sized operation owned and operated by Michael and Jim out of Stilson, GA (about 30 miles West of Savannah). Initially started in the mid-90's, our operation has grown from 20-30 acres to nearly 200 acres, with production in excess of 30,000 square bales annually.

Preferring to purchase equipment as we need it, not as we want it, we utilize of a variety of hay tools to make production easier on us and more consistent for our clients. Use of an accumulator and grapple has allowed us to grow our operation without the need for additional help. This has been crucial in allowing us to reach our current level of production, and making it one we can maintain for years to come.

And at the end of the day, we know that our blessings come from the Good Lord, and we thank him daily for our farm and the type of life it creates for us and our children. We grew up on a farm and know, firsthand, the hard work it requires, but we also know the rewards that hard work brings and the sense of pride and appreciation to God above for what is produced. We would be nothing without God's grace and mercy, and we strive to put our Faith first before we ever crank up a tractor.